Privacy Policy

This policy describes ("SRT") collects, uses, stores and protects your personal data. Personal data can take the form of:

  • Your IP address, available to SRT if you visit any part of our website
  • Any personal data you provide to SRT. This can the form of your email address, your name or payment information

Use of Cookies

Cookies are used to track your test usage and movements around our site. Our tests are not available to users who do not allow the use of cookies. The cookies used by SRT to enhance the user experience are:

  • PHPSESSID – this is used to store your settings on our site.
  • User_id – this is used to track your movements around our site

Both cookies are essential. Removing either one will log you out and may remove any test data not associated with a registered account.

Collection of Data

SRT collects and stores the following information about your visits:

  • The time and duration of your visit
  • The IP addressed used to access the website
  • Test scores
  • Any data you provide while using the service
    • Storage of Data

      SRT will never sell or share your data. If necessary, your data may be passed onto the relevant Authorities if required to do so by Law or by an unlawful activity when using our Service. We encrypt all data wherever possible.

      Data Usage

      Your personal data is used to generate internal reports to attempt to optimise the services provided.

      Your test scores may be used anomalously to generate global statistics displayed on the SRT website, such as, average test score. The data used for these statistics cannot be traced back to the user and will never include personal individual data.

      External Parties

      SRT uses a third party to manage email requirements, this means that MailChimp® (part of the The Rocket Science Group) will have access to the registered email address in order to process any emails. The MailChimp® Privacy Policy can be found here.

      SRT uses the Google Analytics system to track visitor numbers to the website.

      Your Rights

      By using the SRT website you agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to these terms, you must cease using the website and destroy any downloaded content you possess.

      You must abide by our Terms of Service while using our website.