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Our test packs offer full access to our results and progress tracking areas which provide detailed breakdowns your progress and development. Get access to full question breakdowns and see where you went wrong in order to improve your skills, the key to these tests (and in turn getting the job) is question practice, question practice, question practice!

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Our test packs have been specially developed to give you the best, most valuable experience we can offer. No subscriptions! only pay the tests you need.

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Registering couldn't be easier, just click buy now below to gain instant access and start training today. Don't miss out on the job due to lack of question practice.

Who Uses these Tests

Spatial reasoning tests are used during the recruitment process for many different professions from architecture and engineering to finance and Human resources.

How it works

When the user begins a test, the system generates a unique test for that individual using our algorithms. This means that with our current database we can generate over 500 million unique questions, so getting the same question twice is very unlikely to say the least.